Deep Cleaning Kensington

deep cleaningDeep cleaning is our premier service; it consists of a detailed and thorough, top to bottom cleaning of the entire property or certain parts of it, as per customer requirements and it is available throughout the entire year. Deep cleaning is the ideal solution when the property has been neglected for a period of time or other more serious incidents which require our cleaners’ professional approach, like chemical or oil spills on walls or carpets, specific spots and blemishes that will not be easily lifted and many others. The deep cleaning service is also a good way to really bring the shine back to certain areas and rooms of the house which have been subjected to heavy use and are now starting to show some fatigue. Such areas of the house are the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen and some other heavy traffic zones like the hallways or entryways.

The deep cleaning service can be performed once or twice a year to keep your home looking as fresh and clean as possible for longer, some people prefer to have the deep cleaning done in the spring time. Another occasion for which the deep cleaning service is perfect is moving into a new place. Many customers have requested the deep cleaning as a precondition to moving to their new house, this way all traces and remains of previous occupation will be wiped clean, giving you a fresh, clean start at your lovely, new home.

Most of our customers prefer to have the deep cleaning done as an alternative to those endless little cleans on weekends and days off, which don’t really accomplish much but waste your time and effort. The deep cleaning is the ideal way to save money on top to bottom cleaning, as it can be ordered for the entire house or for specific rooms only. The deep cleaning can also be carried out using a customer provided list of chores and items which are to be paid special attention.