Carpet Cleaning Kensington

carpet cleaningCarpets happen to see quite a substantial amount of everyday use, which over a period of time starts to show in the form of general wear and tear, which in turn reduces the appearance quality and the characteristics of the carpet itself. Whether it’s natural or man-made fiber, every carpet begins to show signs of fatigue after some time of use and since changing the carpets every couple of years is not the most budget-minded option then the best thing you can do is subject the carpets to professional cleaning. Actually, industry research has shown that professional grade carpet cleaning is the only proven way to keep any type of carpet looking fresher and brighter for longer.

Professional carpet cleaning is also the only way to maintain carpets without causing damage to fibers or structure. Carpets accumulate a great deal of dust, dirt and pollen over time and begin to be a problem for occupants with respiratory problems, as no other type of conventional achieves a worthwhile result, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to really deep clean the carpet down to the very bottom for a lasting and fresh result that you can see and feel. Industry experts and healthcare professionals recommend that carpets should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year in order to keep them clean, fresh and free of any airborne irritants which may cause discomfort to allergy prone individuals at the property.

We at Cleaners Kensington consider carpet cleaning to be a highly specific and technical process so we have taken the time and put the effort into training our staff in the safe and efficient use of steam cleaning equipment. This is utterly important to us, because exceptional cleaning results and the safety of our customers and staff are required every time – no exceptions. The carpet cleaning process, in some detail consists of a thorough vacuuming at the start, once the larger debris is gone, a solvent solution is then applied in order to soften any heavy or stubborn stains. The process ends with a detailed steam cleaning of the whole carpet.