About us

cleaningSome time ago, people were asking for the best value for money domestic cleaning service in Kensington and there wasn’t much to choose from. There were some companies offering domestic cleaning, but the service range and prices were definitely not the best around. This prompted us to sit down and think about the situation for a moment. We decided to establish a company that can cover all aspects of house cleaning and do so at the right price with no additional hassles for the customers.

No fuss, efficient cleaning services with value for money in mind is a good start, but none of it would have been possible without the help of our fully trained, professional cleaning and customer staff. Providing the best cleaning around is a bit of a tall order if you haven’t got the right people on your side. We made it our business to gather, select and train the best professionals and make them even better at what they do. Today, all of our customers can rely on the professionalism, courtesy and punctual work attitude of our cleaners and our office staff, all working together to make house cleaning a breeze for our current and future customers.

Operating in such a demanding and ever changing industry requires flexibility and efficiency on behalf of our management and service people, this is why Cleaners Kensington never stops improving and evolving. We constantly follow manufacturers and engineering companies in order to acquire and implement newer, better and more efficientcleaning systems and equipment as to provide customers with cost effective, quality cleaning every time.

The company also works with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials as we share the care for the environment with our customers and we also care about the health and well-being of our customers’ loved ones, whether that’s family, pets or both. All in all, if you are in the market for a quality cleaning service provider, that will get the job done – no buts, and do so at the right price, then look no further as Cleaners Kensington are here to help.